Trinidad Tobago Fashion Week

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May 14 - 22, 2016

Trinidad and Tobago

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  • Monday 2 May MEDIA LAUNCH
  • Saturday 14 May OFFICIAL LAUNCH
  • Monday 16 & Tuesday 17 May FASHION WORKSHOPS
  • Friday 20 - Sunday 22 May 2TFW FASHION EVENTS

Special Events


    May 16 & 17 @ 10:00 a.m. - 3 p.m.

    RBC Executive Suite, Queen's Park Oval


    May 20 @ 8 p.m. - 2 a.m.

    Pigeon Point Heritage Park, Tobago

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Wadada Movement

DSC_9006 copy

Wadada Means Love

Over the years, Wadada Movement has certainly made a name for itself as one of the Caribbean’s most recognizable fashion brands.

Ayanna and Asha Diaz, twin sisters from the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, launched the label in 2010 and showed their first collection of tailored, sweeping skirts and dresses, infused with dollops of ethnic prints. Although never formally educated in fashion, both sisters have a great love for expressing who they are through their sense of fashion and style.

Born and raised in the Caribbean, these sisters have never conformed to the what’s hot in fashion. The look they have created for themselves is a fusion of cultured royalty and bohemian chic, which was influenced by their travels throughout the Caribbean, Europe and Africa.

With each collection, Wadada Movement has moved from strength to strength, consistently demonstrating a unique design aesthetic that hinges on the thoughtful balance between conservative elegance and daring modernity. From the conception, the twins wanted to create a line of female clothing that reflected their personalities and their somewhat “out-of-the-box” style.

Wadada Movement is the go-to label for some of the Caribbean’s major performing artistes, editors and stylists. The brand continues to champion an international outlook and extends its brand capital daily with an inspirational, down-to-earth, tone of voice within its digital marketing activities.

Join the Wadada Movement!

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Beckemberg Cricket Club

Dreu Beckemberg, born and raised in Jamaica, learned the art of being focused and poised during his tenure as a high school cricket player. While track and field and soccer were the dominate sports in the country, it was easy for cricket to appeal to Beckemberg. It was an opportunity to learn the value of being a team player as well as how to work diligently and efficiently. Cricket required player’s to be gentlemen both on and off the field. Being truly inspired by the gentlemen’s sport, Beckemberg transitioned from being a stylist to custom clothier, and hence the club was born.

Beckemberg Cricket Club strives to encourage the refined man of our time to embrace the Old English fashion while living in modern times. A melting pot of styles including classic and contemporary, BCC reaches every part of the world much like the sport it was designed around.

Beckemberg Cricket Club was created to celebrate the lifestyle of the gents. Cricket Club ties together the look of the gentleman who enjoys a friendly game of cricket with today’s edge. Creating a look of finesse and class, Cricket Club gives every man, everywhere the wardrobe to look on the outside, the man you know you are on the inside.

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Tabii Just

Tabitha St Bernard:TABii JUST

Tabitha St. Bernard is the designer & owner of Tabii Just, a zero waste line of womenswear clothing that is manufactured ethically in the US. Tabitha started the line in 2012 after realizing that the path to her dream job was in creating it herself. Her line seeks to waste no fabric. Tabii Just has shown several times during New York Fashion Week. Stars like Danielle Brooks of Orange Is The New Black have donned custom designs for the red carpet. Tabitha’s designs have been featured inPeople StyleWatch, Brooklyn Magazine and Caribbean Beat, among others. Tabitha takes great pride in dressing New York’s trail-blazers like Deputy Mayor of NY Alicia Glen and MTV’s Lenay Dunn.

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Bengi Jeans Co.

“Its not just jeans I am selling inspiration,” explains head designer and founder Nandy Forbes. “I am here trying to show everyone this is what inspired me to go against the odds and just go out there and just work on what I love and say I can do this. So you’re just buying into a piece of what inspired me to be.”

Be apart of what caused Bengi to be. Emerging from the vision of the boy wonder design prodigy from Brooklyn. More than just denim, the Bengi concept and creation serves as inspiration to just do what you love.

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G aur M

“G aur M” the brand was born in India, raised in the Middle East, and educated in Canada. Its outfits represent a unique design sensibility that represents the life of a nomad; enthused by the notion that cross-cultural pollination results in warped standards of beauty. G aur M’s designs by Gargi Ghugare & Mrigini Iyer explore different aesthetic principles across cultures and fuses them with the modern silhouette.

“G aur M x Oman” is a collection inspired by the country designer Gargi Ghugare grew up in. While globalization has created pathways that make the transfer of cultural information easier than ever before, fashion still finds it hard to break away from age-old standards of beauty. This collection explores and attempts to break down these standards — elongating the arms, widening the hip, and lengthening the neck.

G aur M Clothing online

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Tobye & Shoma The Label

Tobye&Shoma_designerphotoHailing from the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Tobye Melissa Gill and Shoma Persard are entrepreneurs with a passion for fashion.

Their self-titled label Tobye and Shoma, represents their love of fashion and sophistication in design.

Set to debut at Trinidad Tobago Fashion Week (2TFW) in May 2016, the line of clothing highlights both of their individual styles and creativity and is aimed at bringing international sophistication to the table, with the Caribbean Woman in mind.

Tobye and Shoma’s debut collection is entitled ‘The Empire'; a resort wear line that encompasses both flowing and form flattering silhouettes accentuated with the vibrant color palettes and prints reflective of the Caribbean.

It is an expression of the regality, sophistication and elegance the woman of today needs to run her empire, with a dash of playfulness and fun that is guaranteed to bring attention to any woman’s form.

It’s time to Be fabulously confident in “The Empire” by Tobye and Shoma

Connect with Tobye & Shoma The Label online

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Fashion Sixty4

designerphotoSamanta Samuel – owner of Fashion Sixty4® LLC is a New Jersey based Fashion Designer. Samanta Samuel is a native of the beautiful Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. With over 15 years in designing and dress making, Designer S. Samuel received her Associates Degrees in Fashion Designing and Merchandising from the Gibbs College New York in 2014 while modeling and producing her very own fashion shows.

Her collections have graced many runways such as Jersey City Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion week, Plitz New York Fashion Week, Atlantic City Fashion Week, Lehigh Valley Fashion Week as well as her most talked about and unforgettable international showcase at the 2015 San Fernando Fashion Week in Trinidad.  Her collections have also been a part of many charitable fashion shows. She is also known for her 2nd placed winning in the International Designer of the year competition 2015 & 2014.

Samanta has also styled and dressed some of today’s biggest Reality TV celebrities such as Instagram phenomenon and rapper Cardi B and singer song writer Amina Buddafly of the hit TV show Love and Hip Hop NY, as well as NY celebrity tattoo artist Dutchess of the hit TV show the Black INK Crew just to name a few. Her designs have graced the front page of The Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, Newsday and Express – as well as over 10 well known US magazine pages.

Samanta Samuel also owns a design showroom located in Orange NJ, where she creates her collections, custom garments – both ready to wear and couture. Samanta is very passionate about her talent and believes that every woman should always feel comfortable and sexy in anything she wears. Samanta looks up to some of the best and iconic designers in the industry like Donatella Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier and most of all the late great late Alexander McQueen. SAMUEL describes her style as timeless, classic and one of a kind.


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Nichola McDonald_webBorn and raised in the culturally rich diverse country of Trinidad and Tobago, McDonald has always been interested in exploring and sharing her homeland culture as well as different cultures. Nichola McDonald now lives in London where her prolific endeavours includes creating and designing her own Urban Brand KIYOO NA SWAGGER (KEY-YO – NA – SWAGGER) and writing her debut Novel THE RUBY OF THE RUNWAY.

NICHOLA MCDONALD’s flagship products are its clothing and accessories – Kiyoo Na swagger an existing urban/street wear fashion line that is actively engaged in the business of designing t-shirts mainly. Known for its cool graphic designed t-shirts emblazoned with positive and inspirational messaging, these designs reflects Nichola McDonald’s creative thirst by using fashion and designs to express her distinctive style.

Kiyoo Na swagger is a lifestyle and inspiration brand. Nichola McDonald wants to focus on spreading fun and positive messages because lifestyle is a way or style of living that reflects the attitudes and values of a person or group. By developing Kiyoo Na swagger products in this category we contribute to a more pleasant lifestyle. Kiyoo Na swagger mainly increases the enjoyment of life through fashion.

Being a successful young woman in London, Nichola McDonald is always grateful to her family and her friends from the fashion, sports and entertainment industry who wear her Kiyoo Na swagger products to events and photo shoots. Kiyoo Na swagger was shown during London Fashion Week fashions finest show spring/summer16 edition.

Nichola McDonald look forward to Kiyoo Na swagger’s brand expansion edition release Spring/Summer17 collection “TRIBAL GANG”.

Nichola McDonald’s vision is to continue to Live, Love and Create Greatness.

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English Duck International Designs (EDI)

CEO and Fashion Designer of English Duck International Designs (EDI), which was established and created in October 2006 and launched in 2007 by Mr. Tyrone Nelson, at the Barbados Manufacturing Expo (BMEX), under the theme; Evolution, with great reviews for its artistic and creative work. a young, energetic, creative, confident and artistic individual. He then escalated into the fashion world by representing EDI Designs on stages such as “Caribbean Fashion Week, Barbados Fashion Week, Style Week Jamaica, Red Run Way Fashion show in Trinidad & Tobago, Ester Barnes fashion show in Toronto Canada, Guyana Fashion Week, Tobago Fashion Week, Antigua Fashion Week, and is presently turning heads on the fashion arena in the Bahamas.

EDI Designs have been mold into one of the most futuristic and talked about designing houses around the Caribbean and vastly becoming familiar in the Northern Hemisphere. The creations are as diverse as they are limitless for the more fashion forward men and women. He has also judged trained and produced models for numerous pageants around the Caribbean.

It is the aim of Tyrone Nelson, to bring the future fashion world into the reality of today, with his unique and creative ideas, with the usage of Pin Chains, Furs, Cords and Ropes ETC.

EDI Designs, Setting the Trend for the Future Designing World.

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Mika Osoro

Kenyan-American Designer, Mika Osoro established her namesake brand Mika Osoro, influenced by her Eastern African heritage and inspired by art, travel and African artistry. She wants the world to experience the beauty and culture of the African continent.


“I believe that the modern women should be effortless with STYLE and BOLD with strength…” – Mika

The contemporary clothing brand embodies personal eclectic style influenced by unique print, embroidery and texture to fabricate a modern collection.

For the love of style, design and individuality, Mika’s mission is to provide the modern women with uniquely-beautiful silhouettes for the bold, strong, independent women and her evolving sense of style.

Mika Osoro is based in Brooklyn, NY

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Arthentic Clothing



Arthentic clothing was founded in 2013 by Cadeem Peters in Queens New York along side of Narchel DaCasta. I was born in Trinidad and myself and Narchel recently went back to visit Trinidad. That was when we both wanted to help bring the urban world to and help change the Trinidad community of fashion.

Arthentic was designed to support the ART of the underground world and the urban brand.

Art isn’t just a color on the wall, or a picture of a mural; it’s the creative expression of our dreams & everyday life. From our music to fashionable mind, the love of our Art is the Origin to our everyday life.

Visit Arthentic Clothing online

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Desiree's Mystique Designs

Desiree Waddell is the designer and owner of Desiree’s  Mystique  Designs,  Desiree started designing  at the early age of 16, where she studied Dressmaking and Design at Pleasantville Senior Comprehensive, after she did a lingerie course at the YTEPP program.

Desiree started her professional career at the age of 20, her  inspirational passion for designing became even greater when she had her beautiful twin girls who were her real life mannequins and her greatest critics.

Desiree’ Mystique  Designs Specializes in garments made from Stretch Fabric ,where she earned the name QUEEN Of Stretch Fabric from her clients, her designs are made to fit any body shape and size,all her garments are designed and made by Desiree herself making sure her clients are happy and satisfied.

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Kathleen Bailey Kreations

KBK, Kathleen Bailey Kreations is a budding swimwear line out of St Vincent and the Grenadines although not limited to these Shores.

KBK is unique in what it offers to clients, to design and construct well-fitted and stunning beach wear from designer to client.  The result: satisfaction is not an option, it’s guaranteed.

At KBK, we design, you shine!

All swimsuits are designed and made by Kathleen Bailey.

Visit Kathleen Bailey Kreations online

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Euphoric Designs

Darriane Phillips, a 23-year-old young lady from Scarborough Tobago, discovered her passion for designing and sewing about two to three years ago. She states, “I’m not even sure how, I just remember trying to get mummy and daddy to get me a sewing machine and of course they didn’t see the importance (I’m sure they do now though.) Nonetheless I got my own money and I bought my machine the same day I was returning to Barbados for school. I never had any training in that area, I wasn’t even sure how to thread the machine. Thank God for instructions.” Since that time her passion for the industry has grown tremendously.

She stated that she was always drawn to African/Tribal Prints, even before she started sewing and many have told her that she looks like an African Princess. Because of this she decided that her first collection must show her love for African Prints! The name of the collection was Maafrical Flair, which is essentially, My African Flair. This collection was featured at the Goodwood High School’s Annual Fashion Show in December 2015 and at Youth Voice’s Youth Appreciation Gala| Rooftop Experience.

The brand, Euphoric Designs, describes the feeling that takes over when she is given the opportunity to create a design; the feeling of intense excitement. The latest collection was named Euphoria as it represents the state of intense excitement derived during the creation of this collection. She explains, “Fashion is an expression of who you are, what and how you feel even if it’s all at once or one at a time; it’s not just cloth.”

Visit Euphoric Designs online

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Fashion Entrepreneurs of Trinidad & Tobago

Fashion Entrepreneurs of Trinidad and Tobago (FETT) was created as an initiative of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company Limited (NEDCO). The initiative was started to give NEDCO’s clients a foothold in the fashion industry and so all original members were graduates of the NEDCO programme. The idea was cemented after a pro-active staging of a two-day regional fashion exposé and symposium in 2005. The exposé entitled GRANDES AFFAIRES, was jointly produced by NEDCO and Richard Young of Mannequins Caribbean.

The event was a historical fashion weekend held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Trinidad and Tobago and showcased the best of NEDCO’s client base. NEDCO’s clients were bolstered by industry stalwarts – Heather Jones Designs, The Cloth, Radical Designs, Dav Originals, to name a few. The event was also attended and showcased works by regional names like Gregory Lorde of St. Lucia, Sonia Noel of Guyana, Judith Rawlins of St. Kitts and Kingsley Thorne of Barbados. Under the distinguished patronage of His Excellency George Maxwell Richards, the event was a phenomenal feat and was documented as a precursor to Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago (FWTT).

In light of the aforementioned, FETT was then formally launched as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in 2007. The venture was fueled by a cooperative spirit aimed at empowering and equipping the fashion-forward entrepreneur with the capability to manufacture, promote and vend his designs while allowing the designer to establish and position his brand. The organization has sought to achieve its mission by creating networking opportunities and by harnessing the collective, creative talent through educational workshops and strategic positioning so as to achieve a better quality product and sustainable life for its members.

Visit FETT online

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Harvey Robertson

Born in the month of May 1984 of the mother Itha Robertson, Harvey Robertson has six brothers and one sister. He resided at the St Mary’s Children’s Home in Tacarigua, Trinidad in his childhood. There his love for the manipulations of fabrics began at the vocational skills trade provided for children who were not able to do well in academic pursuits. Although he was beyond the requirement to be part of the vocational programme he persuaded the authorities to participate while pursuing his secondary education.

Making anything related to fabric he loved. In between jobs and on his spare time he began providing sewing services to friends and his community. He gained an Associate Degree in Human Resource Management at the College of Science Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) and skills in Television and Video Production. Encouraged by his sister and other people who lorded his work in relation to clothing he returned to his passion and applied to the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) in pursuit of a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Fashion Design. In 2015 he was awarded as a winner of the Designer Critic Challenge in his third year at the university.

A soon to be graduate of the University’s Caribbean Academy of Fashion Design (CAFD, Harvey Robertson intends to provide the world with his versatile, vivid, strongly inspired fashionable clothing for both women and men.

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Honamic Designs

Honamic Designs is a Port of Spain based Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Company formed in 2008.

The company’s name, derived from two (2) words: honourable’ and ‘dynamic’, are incorporated into every garment designed. Having started designing the company’s own clothing in 2011 for specific clients, upon it’s 5th Anniversary in 2013, they debuted their first full collection entitled Callaloo.

Since then, the company has gone on to showcase at various events, including the Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014, the Trinidad Tobago Fashion Week 2015, as well as Caribbean Style Week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA. in 2015.

Caribbean in aesthetic, yet universal in appeal, Honamic Designs creates high quality affordable clothing using only the highest grade fabrics available from around the world. With the brand continuously evolving with unique fabrics and innovative designs, men and women can experience our world of colour and prints that have been creating the honourable and dynamic looks we have become known for.

The company’s Lead Designer, Rhian Ramkissoon, has always has fashion and creativity in his blood.

With a father who has been and is still involved in the Carnival Industry for over 35 years and various Miss Trinidad and Tobago Pageants under queen-maker Kim Sabeeney, as well as a mother and sister who are always impeccably well dressed, Rhian was destined to follow on the path of creative arts.

A graduate of St. Mary’s College and Woodbrook Government Secondary, he studied Art up to Advanced Levels. He put down the paint and brushes to pursue a degree in Business Administration at ROYTEC whilst working in the Insurance Industry, which eventually became his career.

When the itch occurred in 2007, he was encouraged by his family to pursue the dream of fashion. This dream became a reality in 2008 with the opening of the business. In 2015, Rhian left the corporate world and the Insurance Industry after eighteen (18) years to devote his time and efforts into continuing the development and expansion of the company.

The company’s Lead Designer, Rhian Ramkissoon, has a simple philosophy on and of fashion: “Fashion is simple. A shirt is a shirt is a shirt. A pant the same. A Skirt the same. Three (3) main things make the most significant difference: The Design, The Fabric and the attitude with which the clothes are worn.”

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Shaun Griffith-Perez

SGP_photoI draw my inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of my home, in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago. From my humble beginnings at a small village fashion school, I have gained over 26 years of experience in pattern drafting and garment construction, and have successfully built up my own fashion design company. Today, I feel honoured to have gained prominence as one of Trinidad and Tobago’s foremost fashion designers and I am proud that my work has been recognized internationally and received awards in Trinidad and Tobago and USA.

My collections have been showcased at Fashion week Trinidad and Tobago (FWTT) 2008, 2009 and 2010, Tobago Fashion Weekend (TFW) 2010-2012, Tobago Fashion Coda (TFC), Pulse Caribbean Fashion Week (CFW) Jamaica 2007- 2010, Island World Fashion Week, Nassau, Bahamas 2008 also Barbados, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Antigua Barbuda, 2014 Caribbean Style & Culture Awards, Washington DC, Cutting’style Caribbean Gala Fashion Show, Toronto, Canada 2015 in 2013 Credited by Pageant Planet for creating the second best evening gown of the top five at the Miss World 2013 for Trinidad and Tobago.

My philosophy includes contributing towards the building of a Caribbean brand and Collaborating with innovative and progressive individuals who support the Caribbean fashion industry.

Visit Shaun Griffith-Perez Online

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Vivre by Chelsea

best describes this urban brand from the beautiful island of Trinidad. Chelsea Baptiste founded VIVRE by Chelsea in the year 2012 and has kept her consistency of “dope” for the past period. Chelsea’s inspiration is influenced by the urban,reckless, rule breaking concepts where fabrics always tell a bold story and pieces speak for themselves.

This 2016 summer collection “RAW” simply entails see-through and metallic fabrics with daring designs that is “ONLY FOR THE DOPE.”

Visit Vivre by Chelsea Online

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Osanie Designs

Tobago born, Avien Osanie Thomas , Fashion Designer and owner of Osanie Designs, had been fascinated by exquisite  clothing and handbags at an extraordinary young age. However, her journey into the world of designs started in August 2015. She has always been passionate about arts, crafts, beauty and fashion, which was later transferred to her designs in bags and accessories..

She is  self taught and displayed her first pieces one month later at an exhibition held in Tobago on October 1st, 2015.

Since then She has dedicated her time an efforts to building her brand and making her dream a reality.

“Do Something that your future self would be proud of”

Visit Osanie Designs Online

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Simple Silhouettes Sell.

A cube wrapped in a rose represents the unchanging truth, solidity and balance that can be found in a simple silhouette. The Executives at Designers United Stores present is 6th fashion production, 2TFW “Simple Silhouettes Sell” from May 14-22, 2016.


  • CUT.AH.DASH | (colloquial)
    - used to complement or express pleasure in ones clothing.
    - looking ones best; wearing ones best clothing

    Example: "He cut ah dash lastnight in his Sunday best"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: Come wear your best clothes with us!


    DAN DAN | (colloquial)
    - an expression for ones best clothing

    Example: "Youth man dress up in he best dan-dan"

    Synonym: Sunday Best

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: A fiesta of the best Caribbean clothes


    CAZAK | (colloquial)
    - A zipper (usually for a man's pants) or buttons (before zippers were made)

    Example: "Fix your cazak!"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Use: Cazak Frock Suspenders are the different aspects of garment pieces that can enhance how you look.

  • STONE PUSSY DRESSED | (colloquial)
    - Dressed in your best clothing

    Example: "Yuh went out last night, ah seh yuh was stone pussy dressed."

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW continues to take bold steps to highlight its cultural past with fashion, encouraging fashion lovers to be “SPD Redefined.”

    TFW Use: "Are you ready to Redefine SPD?"

    In 2015, TFW was rebranded as 2TFW with a program that canvassed the country.

    SAGA PINTO | (colloquial)
    - Well-dressed male/female

    DUNGAREES (origin Hindi "dungri")
    - Blue denim, overalls made of blue denim.

    Originally used to make work clothes for miners, today, denim is found in every wardrobe, and used in clothing suited for many occasions.


    A cube wrapped in a rose represents the unchanging truth, solidity and balance that can be found in a simple silhouette.

    2TFW presents Simple Silhouettes Sell from May 14-22, 2016 at venues across Trinidad and Tobago.


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