May 8th — 17th, 2015

Trinidad and Tobago

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  • April 13th/May 1st MEDIA LAUNCH
  • May 16th-17th 2TFW FASHION WEEKEND

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    May 15th @ 6am

    Crown Point, Tobago


    May 15th @ 4pm

    Pigeon Point Heritage Park

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  • Trinidad

    Shhh Boutique
    45 Ana Street Woodbrook

    Cache & Panache Stores

    Simply Runway
    Grand Bazaar

    Body Beautiful
    Ariapita Ave - Port Of Spain
  • Tobago

    Penny Savers Groceries
    Bon Accord & Carnbee

    Renmars Restaurant & Bar
    Pigeon Point

    Milford road - Scarborough

    Lace Fantasy
    Gulf City Mall - Lowlands
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Hutch Beachwear

HUtchOriginally from east side Trinidad, Arima….. but moved to, and currently reside Casselton Gardens , Trincity…. I grew up in merely raw poverty bad and negative influences. Growing up on the streets of Arima, where I lived was filled with a lot of drugs and negative surroundings, and also not having a father at this tender age, it was very easy to get into trouble where I lived, I tried my best to make a way out, never did I know id choose Sewing and Design as a way out. I always was that troublesome student in school. I choose Sewing Art and trade classes in school over Business because I was always better doing things with my hands. The teacher Miss Leonese Jerome ( god rest her soul ) always believed in me …she believed in me a lot…she always used to push me in sewing and I never took it on, but a life growing up in poverty was very frustrating and depressing…and times were beginning to change.. My Mother was a rock in growing me up also, because even though where we lived was a really bad area…she always told us what was right from wrong and always showed plenty love. So one day after going through a lot of bad experiences where I came from..i decided to choose Sewing and Design as my way out of an area filled with Poverty, drugs and a lot of illegal wrong doings. I started off with odd jobs as a stitcher, and tread by tread I worked hard and saved to get all the sewing machines I needed and started to build a momentum from there, choosing the area of Resort Wear and Swimwear because Trinidad and the Caribbean has a very high demand for it. Garment after garment I made….word of mouth began to flow and sooner than I thought, I was being called for fashion shows across the country and then Caribbean, I had no experience in any way, so I learned as i went along, step by step, marketing and building a brand literally from scratch, with no experience or training in the industry….building a Brand of well-known Beachwear & Resort Wear “ HuTcH Beachwear “ pieces that appeals to the Caribbean people, male & female. Fascinated by the “ Island Life “ we portrait & live here in Trinidad and Tobago it gives me great inspiration to do what I do, the energy and Colour of our country, its events and the warmth of the people – HuTcH

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William M & Co.

Willian McIntosh William McIntosh was born in Brooklyn, New York before migrating to Trinidad when he was two years old. Even at a young age, William exhibited a strong-willed and spirited personality that is reflected in his one-of-a-kind designs.
At nineteen he opened his own clothing store which catered to the teenage market, consisting mainly of American urban wear. It was during this business venture that William noticed a significant lack of diversity in Caribbean fashion. He then decided to design and manufacture his own line of clothing when he saw a demand for tasteful and unique couture that would revolutionise local clothing trends.
Possessing a distinct eye for colour, texture and detail, much of William’s inspiration is fuelled by his travels and exposure to various cultures. His experiences lead him to create new and vibrant pieces for the free spirited individual, creating clothing that embodies the spirit of a ‘true islander’.

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Romero Bryan

It is widely acknowledged that designers from the UK produce some of the world’s most cutting-edge fashion; one of them being Romero Bryan.

Mr Bryan’s talent and innovation have been widely recognized by members of the international fashion press and fashionistas.

From a young age London-born Romero Bryan aspired to become a world-renowned fashion designer and he began to hone his skills for design and creation at just thirteen. Mr. Bryan has fashion in his genes – both his grandfather and uncle were tailors, whilst his grandmother was a seamstress. Mr. Bryan’s designs first caught the media’s attention in 2001, when UK singer Samantha Mumba attended the Brit Awards in a Romero Bryan dress with a plunging neckline.

Mr. Bryan graduated from the London College of Fashion in late 2005 and his career took off soon after. His designs have been worn by ‘A-List’ celebrities across the globe including Alek Wek, Cameron Diaz, Destiny’s Child, The Noisette’s lead lady & Fashion Icon Shingai and Usher, to name but a few. Romero Bryan’s garments have also been purchased by Kate Moss, Katy Perry & many more. Over the years, Mr. Bryan’s clientele has broadened and the “boy wonder” ( has matured into a wonderful young man.

Romero Bryan’s talent, hard work, determination and potential have been recognized by Philip Beresford in the predicted ‘Rich List 2020’compiled for the Royal Bank of Scotland. The list appeared in international publications such as Forbes Magazine.

Most recently named on the Lloyds TSB & Thomson Reuters ‘POWERLIST 2013’ as one of ‘BRITAINS MOST INFLUENTIAL BLACK PEOPLE’.

In February 2014, Mr Bryan revealed to the world, his first ROYAL assignment in a joint collaboration with Dubai based company, Savoir Vivre.

For more information please visit:

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The Cloth

The Cloth started as a collaborative some 22 years ago. For the last (15) years Robert Young has single handedly maintained the label which has come to represent a unique, dynamic and always original Caribbean aesthetic. Robert is perhaps best described as conscientious yet daring. He is as well albeit subversively, nationalistic while influenced by the wider region which prove the perfect backdrop for his practical, colorful and playful designs.

Robert’s work has gone beyond the clothing rack. His designs have been part of presentations of the Emmy Award winning Guyanese cum Trinbagonian mas designer Peter Minshall. Robert’s work can be seen in Jerusalem for Minshall’s Donkey Darby (1993), The Twelve Ships in the Odyssey (1994) and The Image and Likeness” in Tapestry (1995). He has also designed for such legendary Caribbean icons of music as david Rudder and the late Andre Tanker as well as the profound Rapso artiste Ataklan. He has also done the costuming and set design for several steel orchestras’ panorama final and other presentations. Among them Phase II Pan Groove, Skiffle Bunch, Pamberi, and Redemption Sound Setters. As well his almost trademark appliqué has complimented the stage backdrops of one of the country’s leading choirs, The Lydian Singers. When he is not designing Robert makes time for many outreach programs. He has been a resource person at the Man to Man Project (2000), a Delegate of the United To End Racism group at UN World Conference Against Racism and Other Related Intolerance (Durban, South Africa 2001), YMCA MENtoring project 2003 to 2005, Men support group Resource person at Friends for Life and has led several men’s, youth and artist support groups.

Robert has designed consistently throughout the years and it is not only his passion but his profession and craft. He shows annually and has been a part of Caribbean fashion Week since 2001, with the exception of 2002. Robert’s work embodies elements of traditional folk, the spirit of revolution and an interest in restoration and integration.

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House of Byfield

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Ria Ramkisoon

From an early age, Ria Ramkissoon had been immersed in her family garment business based in Trinidad, West Indies where she gained the understanding and the schematics of garment construction, design and production. Ria attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to further develop her skills in both Accessory Design and Manufacturing Management.

Armed with her clothing manufacturing background Ria found her way into the New York fashion industry by landing her first job at the prestigious fashion house of Halston. Influenced by her love of metal and colour, Ria’s entrepreneurial spirit emerged, leading her to design RIA handbags. Her inspiration came from the cultures of industrial and lush Trinidad & Tobago and the ever-evolving concrete jungle of New York City.

Exotic skins, Italian leather and American canvas coupled with industrial inspired stainless steel mesh and other metals comprised of the RIA handbag collection. RIA has been carried at over 150 boutiques worldwide including Harrods London, Barneys NY and Seibu in Japan. The bags were coveted by A-list celebrities, socialites and Fashion editors along with being featured in Women’s Wear Daily, Lucky, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Essence, Wall Street Journal in addition to many other major publications worldwide.

In 2013 Ria Ramkissoon Launched her eponymous Line of Handbags , She carries with her  the same sophisticated and luxurious aesthetic from her past collections, bringing her passion, talent and eye for detail to the forefront of her designs.

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The idea and formation of the company was a result of an idle e-mail conversation in 2006 between ‘brothers’ Rhian Ramkissoon and Simon Ramphalie. The conversation centred around the ability to either get involved in an existing business venture or to create their own business which can be done simultaneously in Trinidad and Canada. Tabitha St Bernard:TABii JUSTThe company’s name was derived from two (2) words which were constantly being mentioned in the e-mail: ‘honourable’ and ‘dynamic’, which had to be at the core of their venture. But Honamic what? What was going to be the nature of the business? Many ideas were being tossed around and like a bolt of lightning, both men commented on how difficult it was to find unique clothing. They both agreed that Honamic would be a clothing design company…and so Honamic Designs was born. The initial goal of Honamic Designs was to produce high quality affordable clothing, but the immediate reality of this grand idea was shelved due to start-up costs and lack of experience and expertise. The decision to influence the local market with unique clothing was now the focus. As time went by, and with the change in focus, Simon’s personal and family responsibilities took priority. Rhian, however, was determined to see this project take flight and with Simon’s blessing continue moving forward with the project. After two (2) years of research and careful selection, Honamic Designs opened its doors to the public in December of 2008. The goal was achieved. The store offered its customers’ one-of-a-kind apparel. This concept was well received and the company established a loyal clientele. Clients began making specific requests, and as a result, the company began offering personalized shopping services. These services have now expanded to include styling bridal parties, models and various groups for photography session and events. In 2011, after numerous requests, Honamic Designs took the bull by the horns, and on a very limited basis, began producing original clothing for select clients. The process is one which involves the client in every aspect of the process, from style design and fabric selection to final fitting and styling. The company had the opportunity to design and produce official uniforms for a financial institution’s sports team participating in a regional event. In November 2013, as the company approached its 5th anniversary, Honamic Designs took another step forward and officially ventured into the local fashion arena by producing and showcasing its 1st Collection entitled ‘Callaloo’ at a charity event of the same name. Since the launch, the company has been approached by persons and organizations to design and produce clothing for various events. In 2014, the company took another bold step into the fashion industry by previewing its first full menswear summer/resort collection at the Tobago Fashion Weekend 2014 – SPD REDEFINED, as well as producing original collections for two (2) segments of the grand finale of the Face of T&T competition.

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Breaking into the local fashion industry was always an ambition on the part of Makeda George. However, a reserved lunch period at work became the genesis for the brand and thus “Zhaffrikah” was formed in 2015 with the blessing and tutelage of ace local designer Sharon Phillips. Zhaffrikah’s concept is one that epitomizes a unique fashion experience as showcased in its first collection dubbed “KedaḠe. Hailing from the alluring seaside village of Speyside, located in East Tobago, “Zhaffrikah” characterizes beachwear that celebrates the fashionable aesthetic of women. Each piece tells a story as similar as the story behind the name of the collection. “Zhaffrikah” is coined from the birth names of the two daughters born to Makeda George. Zh’a being the name of her four year old daughter and Affrikah, the name of her now deceased four year old who died in 2008 as a result of drowning. Consequently, in honour of her daughters, KedaḠe caters to the resolute and confident woman.

Makeda George is the founder and designer of Zhaffrikah, a clothing label birth from the foothills of Speyside, Tobago. She is a graduate of Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive and Corpus Christi College. She further graduated from the University of the West Indies (Mona) where she is the holder of both a BSc. International Relations and Political Science and a MSc. in National Security and Strategic Studies. Makeda’s affinity to the ocean coupled with the story behind her choice of fabric has provided the nexus for providing her clients with fashionable pieces that chronicles a story. Zhaffrikah will demonstrate the results and take you on a truly “luxe” adventure.

Embrace the story behind a story….Welcome to Zhaffrikahs’s world.

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Sally's Signature Designs

Sally Lochan DassSally Lochan Dass recently discovered her hidden talent in the field of painting. Her love of nature and fashion ignited this flame to promote Trinidad and Tobago’s exquisite tourist attractions in the form of Hand painted 100% Pure Silk Resort wear. Her designs portray some of our islands tourist attractions e.g. Tobago Buccoo Reef, La Brea Pitch Lake, Piparo Mud Volcano, Tobago Waterwheel, Pigeon Point, Tobago Flying Fish, Scarlet Ibis ,Cocrico Cha-conia and Leather Back Turtles. These attractions will also be displayed in her line of Souvenir Scarfs. Her aim is to show the world what our Island’s have to offer tourists in the form of fashion. Her designs have since skyrocketed in the fashion industry and have been attracting a lot of media attention both locally and abroad. Her designs are easy breezy and can be worn at the beach, or transformed into an elegant evening wear. You will surely turn heads when you step out in one of her designs.

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Marie Collette

Marie Collette is a Design brand that was established in 2013. Its debut Resort Wear collection, “Crazy, Sexy, Cool” was launched in May 2014. Since then, the brand has successfully established itself, partaking in various projects. Its first ever costume design, for YUMA Carnival Band thereafter costume designs for Machel Montano’s Epic Mas Band, costume design for Miami Carnival’s Generation X, and even the brand’s own Monday Wear Masquerade Collection. The brand’s reach has gone as far as Australia, with its ongoing collaboration on Samba Couture Costumes with a popular Samba School there; a project that serves as only a part of the Brand’s strategy toward venturing into various international markets.

Marie Collette’s designer, Ms. Keisha Collette Thomas has long been an admirer of anything high fashion and unusual. Naturally the Marie Collette brand has become a medium by which she expresses her unique and creative interpretation of what she considers Modern Caribbean High Fashion. The Brand has become wildly popular for its genius use of statement accessories in its designs. It is this signature aesthetic, which gives its designer Ms. Keisha Collette Thomas the belief that her designs can break borders toward international recognition.

Marie Collette will continue to be known for pushing the envelope with its uniquely creative designs, taking inspiration from the melting pot that is Caribbean Culture and finding synergy within that dynamic and ever changing international world of fashion.

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MovementBago, designed by Nicolette Leacock is a Streetwear clothing brand inspired by Tobago and made for all. Launched on November 23rd 2013, it is an movement to put Tobago, the lesser known half of the sister isle Trinidad and Tobago, on the map both Regionally and Internationally through a cool and creative expression of the island lifestyle.

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DLR Clothing Co

DLR Clothing Co. is a Trinidad and Tobago based street wear brand created by 23 year old Miguel “SpaceBoi” de la Rosa. The name DLR (i.e. the initials of his surname) came about as he always wanted a family oriented business which he can one day leave behind as his legacy. SpaceBoi aspires to turn his vision into reality with DLR becoming a lifestyle brand, staying true to his aesthetic and encapsulating a modern look and feel. He plans on capturing the local market and in the future expand his wings overseas by staying fully aligned with the company’s core competencies of individuality, intuitive sense of style and most importantly originality.

SpaceBoi’s main goal, being the Creative Director of DLR Clothing Co. is to encourage local street wear enthusiasts to be free with their style choices and to have more fun when it comes to fashion, hence the brands overall slogan “Bring the Streets Alive with DLR”.

The idea of SpaceBoi’s own clothing company came from not just his passion for fashion but also the numerous encounters in which random individuals’ sought interest in his daily style selections. The majority of times he would have been wearing his original or customized pieces. SpaceBoi’s business side was activated and so he decided to grasp the opportunity and turn his passion into profits by launching his clothing line in February 2014. DLR Clothing Co. began with a series of t-shirts, snapbacks and beanie hats.

In May 2014 DLR Clothing Co. went on to launch a full street wear collection entitled “Unchained”. The collection’s main looks featured a red Tartan Print with leather detailing which was seen in a number of media platforms and exhibitions throughout that year

DLR customized snapback hats and their original t-shirts can now be seen on some notable persons in the fashion and entertainment industries locally and regional. DLR’s clients include Destra Garcia, Machel Montano, Swappi, & Popcaan just to mention a few.

Always looking for new and innovative ways to push the envelope in the realm of street wear, SpaceBoi is currently working on DLR’s 2nd collection to be released in May 2015. He continues to work with a growing clientele bringing to life his signature; fully customized snapback and baseball hats.

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Shaun Griffith-Perez Designs

Shaun Perez 2TFW  International Award designer Shaun Griffith Perez is the brainchild behind the Shaun Griffith Perez Designs label for the past eight years. He is regarded as one of the most exciting designers in Trinidad and Tobago, having won the Emerge Award for up and coming Fashion Designers in Trinidad and Tobago in 2006.
For twenty five years he has mastered the craft of pattern drafting and garment construction, a feat which has lead him to become one of the fashion designers in Trinidad and Tobago noted for high quality finish in his design and garments.
Shaun draws his inspiration from the archipelago of sister islands washed by warm waters of the Caribbean seas. Islands, which like his native Trinidad and Tobago have had a colourful history resulting in their rich multicultural heritage. It’s from that crucible and his journey as an artist from which Shaun draws inspiration for his collection.
His Designs were presented in Making Style 2006 Trinidad and Tobago, 2007 and 2010 in CFW [Caribbean Fashion Week] Jamaica .He was invited to show at IWFW [Island of the World Fashion Week] 2008 Bahamas. From 2008 to 2010 he grace the runway at FWTT [Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago],TFW 2009 and 2011[Tobago Fashion Weekend],TFC 2014 [Tobago Fashion Coda ], credited by Pageant Planet for making the second best evening gown at the Miss World 2013 for Miss Trinidad and Tobago. In addition collections shown by Mr. Griffith Perez were featured in St. Vincent, Barbados, Antigua and Bermuda and at the recent Caribbean Style and Culture Awards and Fashion Showcase in Washington DC where he received the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for FASHION INNOVATION.
> Shaun’s love of the Caribbean, its seas, its sun, its landscape and the plethora of cultural influences all inform his philosophy of design. Shaun embraces it all as David Rudder declares, “the journey now start……….”

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Yesa Designs

Cassey Daniel a young Tobagonian is the driving force behind Yesa Design also called Black Diamond Designs. Yesa carries an impartial personality catering for all: The Elegant woman, the Modest man, the youthful and the Bold.  At present all designs are hand painted to cater to today’s Trendsetters. Wearing Yesa guarantees a uniqueness since no design can be duplicated.

At an early age her creativity was initially expressed as a Traditional Artist skilled in the area of Painting, Graphic Designs and Drawing. These are areas to which she is still passionate about and pursues, though presently she has introduced fabric to the palette. She also teaches Visual Arts at Roxborough Secondary School a qualification she obtained at the University Of The West Indies. In 2013 Miss Daniel represented Tobago at  fashion show in Canada sponsored by the THA

As Miss Daniel catapults into the World of Fashion with the assistance of her mother Hayley Frith, imprinted upon her designs is a passion beyond your imagination. . When you wear Yesa you wear ‘Well pleased’ you are indeed fashioned beyond the Norm.

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Iris Atsin

Iris Atsin is a consultant/designer; she began her fashion career in Europe where she gained experience as a runway model. Following her five years modeling career in Paris she decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to Scotland, where she graduated with a Law and Management degree. Iris Atsin acquired further skills in fashion by developing a modeling management agency and working in the retail industry in California. She has recently relocated to Trinidad with intent to explore the Caribbean approach to fashion and utilize her invaluable experience to fulfill her lifelong dream and expand her eponymous clothing line.

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Lisa See Tai

Lisa See Tai is proud to be one of the first graduates of the Caribbean Academy of Fashion and Design (CAFD) at the University of Trinidad & Tobago (UTT). In her third year studies she received the Designer Critique Award. After graduating, she interned with renowned Caribbean designer Meiling, where she honed skills in surface treatments, garment finishes and styling. Lisa also worked under the direction of Project Runway Winner, Anya Ayoung-Chee in 2011 as design assistant for Pilar by Anya. She was one of three designers selected to exhibit her work in a fashion installation at the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in London for the 2013 International Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week. In 2014, she showcased a collection at Runway Shift and was one of three designers to win three months rent-free retail space at Simply Runway. Presently, Lisa is an instructor at the CAFD in the field of Model Drawing and Portfolio Development. The Shop, Hotel Normandie and La Maison Fifi, West Mall now carry her designs. An avid lover of the tropical rainforest, her latest collection reflects natural colour, line and form designed for a sensual island lifestyle.

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Royalz Clothing

At age 23, Benjamin was living on his own, working night shifts and sleeping only a few hours a day while developing his clothing line. His determination paid off. In 2009, Royalz Wear became the first Canadian fashion line to be included in the Latino Fashion Week in Chicago.

His work has received the attention of former Governor General Michaëlle Jean and promi- nent hip hop artists. He praises organizations such as the Remix Project, BizStart and Youth Employment Services YES, a SEDI community partner, for his success.

Benjamin has has enjoyed success, with articles in magazines and national papers such as Urbanology, Now, Chicago Tribune, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star respectively. Benjamin has also been exceedingly active on the fashion show scene with features in shows across Canada and the United States that have garnered positive media reviews and incredible fan support Benjamin is currently endorsed by Madame Michealle Jean and Foundation Michealle Jean and working on his Fall 2015 collection for RoyalzCothing.

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Brown Cotton

Fashion Designer and Regionally Acclaimed Wardrobe Stylist, RisAnne Martin debuted the Brown Cotton label at Tobago Fashion Weekend in May, 2014. Her foray into design began in 2013 with a few capsule Collections followed by her breakthrough, the IRIS Collection. IRIS quickly attracted the attention it deserved with its bright floral prints, vibrant colors, tailored button downs and full flouncy skirts. A regular fixture on the Caribbean Fashion scene, Martin’s work quite specifically mirrors her personal aesthetic.

In her new Bridal Resort Collection, Empire Caribé, which features bold and vivacious form fitting gowns, flared skirts and draped pieces very suitable for the unconventional bridal party, guests and for the classic woman. With this line, Martin has created an intriguing and classic combination of bridal and resort wear.

A Teacher, Stylist and Fashion Designer, Martin began her Creative career in Kingston, Jamaica in 2008, while pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies at the University of the West Indies, Mona. While in Jamaica she worked fashion production and was part of the team that styled and coordinated Pulse Caribbean’s major event, Caribbean Fashion Week in 2011 and 2013. She furthered her studies and pursued a Master of Arts degree in Cultural Studies with a focus on Caribbean Fashion.

Brown Cotton’s Bridal Resort Collection, Empire Caribé will be debuted at Trinidad Tobago Fashion Week (2TFW) in May 2015 in Tobago.

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Lomein Collection

Life in a #Lomeinbox is life in your own world. I feel like we all live in our own world, our own Box. A box that has so many different things in it. But just know your box is never complete. I know people say “think outside the box” but why? My lomein box is my world, your LoMein box is your world. Share what’s in your box, that’s how i see it, think inside your box, then Hop out and share it with the people.

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JESwear is a brand name of locally manufactured swimsuits,specialising in customised swimsuits for all body types. Owned and operated by Jillian Salandy her direct and straight forward style is reflected in the designs she puts forward..being “bold with attitude” as she’s sometimes described as by people
JESwear’s end product has formed the basis of several carnival presentations, as her swimsuits form the foundation for many of the creative carnival designs that we see each year.
We believe women should express themselves with confidence in their JESwear designs on a runway,cruise,poolside or seaside…
Join us at 2TFW 2015 where JESwear will show her newest collection “Bleu De Mer” an exciting collection which will have you wanting to see mo

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San Sarai


San Sarai is a Trinidadian based clothing brand geared toward the inner fashionistas of children. We aim to make dressing toddlers and children easier and much more fun for parents while keeping the clothes they wear super comfortable.

San Sarai is inspired by colour, love of life’s surroundings and beautiful little people. We want to engage their hearts and minds by creating special pieces they would love. Being different is a quality to be embraced- that’s what San Sarai is built on.

Currently, San Sarai consists of two partners, Shari Cumberbatch and Blaire Superville. 

Shari Cumberbatch

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, 24 year old, Shari Cumberbatch is a graphic designer who is constantly inspired by her surroundings and extremely passionate about colour and its effect on different backgrounds, age groups and the world as a whole.

Her passion for colour and impeccable attention to detail makes Shari Cumberbatch a designer who has the formula to form the perfect little creations for her micro- fashionable babes. Although by profession she is a Graphic Designer, she is able to pair colour and her innate sense of style with the practicality parents look for when selecting clothing for little hearts. Being a mother herself, she understands the importance of comfort merged with style.

Blaire Superville

At 29 years old Blaire Superville is a bright, enthusiastic, ambitious young woman. Being exposed to the world at a young age, Blaire has lived in 6 different countries and worked in North America within the event/project management field. Fully conscious that she is living in a man’s world Blaire has an unstoppable drive to achieve it all, with a strong work ethic, excellent organizational skills and an eye for detail.

In her formative years, Blaire was a tomboy who always had an eye for pieces that stood out among the rest. Although she keeps her personal style simple, she strongly believes in having individual pieces that make a statement, allowing her to be expressive through those select pieces. With that in mind, she brings to San Sarai, her edgy, clean style that is definitely an asset to her partnership in San Sarai since those qualities added to those of Shari, make a perfect blend of various styles paired with the comfort that is definitely mandatory when it comes to kids’ clothing.

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Wadada Movement

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Saga Pinto in Dungarees

Saga Pinto in Dungarees means a stylish person well dressed in denim. We chose this theme to highlight one of the most popular and versatile fabrics in the world as a platform for our expanded program of events that will captivate Trinidad and Tobago from May 8th-17th


  • CUT.AH.DASH | (colloquial)
    - used to complement or express pleasure in ones clothing.
    - looking ones best; wearing ones best clothing

    Example: "He cut ah dash lastnight in his Sunday best"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: Come wear your best clothes with us!

  • DAN DAN | (colloquial)
    - an expression for ones best clothing

    Example: "Youth man dress up in he best dan-dan"

    Synonym: Sunday Best

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: A fiesta of the best Caribbean clothes

  • Cazak | (colloquial)
    - A zipper (usually for a man's pants) or buttons (before zippers were made)

    Example: "Fix your cazak!"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Use: Cazak Frock Suspenders are the different aspects of garment pieces that can enhance how you look.

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