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May 19 -21, 2017

Trinidad and Tobago

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Ecliff Elie

ecliff elieA paragon of style and class, Ecliff Elie has become a household name in men’s fashion throughout the Caribbean region and beyond. With over 20 years experience designing and producing quality clothing in Trinidad and Tobago, Ecliff Elie’s entrepreneurial spirit and eye for design and quality have evolved the brand into a powerhouse. Today, the Ecliff Elie label stands as one of the Caribbean’s leading local brands.

Eciff Elie’s rise to the top began at the age of 14, when he first tried his hand at tailoring. Before long, Ecliff knew that he possessed a distinctive skill-set, that would undoubtedly set him apart from the rest. With a goal of delivering exceptional luxury and casual wear with impeccable fit, Ecliff started designing and manufacturing both women and men’s clothing on a larger scale.

His hard work and astute vision would bear fruit, resulting in several signature collections. Of greatest distinction are: For The Love OF Fashion, For the Love of Fashion II, The Romance, Taste of Berries, El Hombre de la Hora, Cavelie’r Mordn and Viva Arima!

As a testament to his hard work and dedication, Ecliff Elie is the proud holder of the 2010 Caribbean Fashion Award for Caribbean Fashion Designer – Male.

Ecliff Elie continues to leave his mark in fashion. He has been described as a designer who has made a key contribution in propelling Caribbean men’s fashion into the international hemisphere, and has even captivated international clientele from various countries, including Germany, London and the USA.

In 2012, Ecliff Elie made a strategic move to specialize in male clothing, targeting a growing market and meeting an ever increasing need for tailored menswear. Ecliff Elie relocated from its startup location in Arima, to the up-and-coming fashion hub of Trinidad – Woodbrook, Port of Spain. The company now operates both an in-house atelier and retail store at its new location, where Ecliff continues to live his mission every day;

“To create designs entrenched in innovation and quality that allows our clients to fall in love and support our legacy.”

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The SÉJOUX brand is a contemporary fashion and marketing subsidiary of LËO-STAR République. Inspired by Culture, the raison d’etre is to conceptualize a futuristic society which celebrates an exquisite, exclusive, vivid lifestyle through fashion, food and entertainment. Honouring the beauty of Nature and the Astonishment of the Tropics, its product will personify pure craftsmanship at the highest standard of quality. SÉJOUX, will emerge as a brand capable of blending Tropical class luxury with an innovative, minimalist style.


In the midst of Wonderland, exists a diverse beauty with a unique smile. A beauty that is fiery and ignited with vigor, liberated with her independence to shine. They say behind every successful man there’s a woman, but in Tropical Wonderland, the success of man’s tribe is guided by the woman’s exuberance.

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Pulchritude Design House

We are dedicated to creating a capsule that births an experience; the epitome of  beauty and physical appeal. We aim to enhance the woman’s mood and sense of self through fashion. We are not just a brand but an experience of true self acceptance by the creation of customised style.

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Osanie Designs

OSANIE is a contemporary brand known for it’s vibrant colors and urban aesthetic influenced by the island’s recognizable street style.

It’s both sophisticated and edgy and always functional. Our designs are ideal for women who are looking for that on-trend yet effortlessly chic style….

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The Urban Factory

The Urban Factory is a Trinidadian studio that produces uniquely designed accessories for the stylish individual.

Original pieces by the Creative Director/ Designer, Joel Renné Carlell Skerritt, The Urban Factory has been in operation since 2012. “The Factory” produces a distinctive collection of hand crafted bracelets, wallets, necklaces, anklets & passport wallets all catered to the confident urban individual.

We aspire to provide our clients & new customers with a style that is clean, minimal, calm & complete.

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Seafrina is a contemporary women’s wear brand crafted by designer Maryam Patel.

Maryam Patel started her cinematography degree in florida where she was introduced to the cornerstones of design such as painting, writing and what would turn out to be her passion- costuming. This is what inspired her to design her fist pieces and realize her flair for custom garment manufacturing. She then honed in on her passion by pursuing another degree in Central Saint Martin’s in London.

After graduating from university and returning to her home country of Barbados, she saw the opportunity to design and create quality ready-to-wear clothing for the Caribbean Woman. What is the Caribbean woman you ask? A strong, sophisticated creature who isn’t afraid to expose her inner provocateur while keeping within the boundaries of elegance. This was the spark that created her clothing line Seafrina Island Apparel.

The name Seafrina, from “Sifrina”, a Venezuelan term similar to “prima donna”, emulates a trendy woman leading the caribbean lifestyle. Seafrina apparel is locally made and is inspired by the Caribbean island lifestyle. The Seafrina woman is not indispensably linked to her island. She is a explorer and searches for inner freedom that makes her care-free. She is a woman who knows how to have a good time and uplift the spirits of those around her.

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Flair by Monique

I have always been good with my hands, even in my early school days I was drawn to arts and craft. I would look at pieces that I liked and see how I could tweak them to my taste.

Later, I had the opportunity to receive some formal instruction in jewelry making and what started off as a passing interest grew into an obsession.

My desire to personalise items led me to create unique designs for friends and relatives who were getting married. With each piece, I would be more drawn to challenging myself to create more intricate designs. Out of this blossoming desire Flair by Monique was born.

Today Flair by Monique has two collections, Pearlz which focuses on bridal and formal jewelry showcasing pieces created as an expression of the love and appreciation of semi- precious stones; and AfroChic which focuses on statement necklaces featuring beaded patterns to reflect the vibrancy of the African culture.

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ENVE by Rachel Bailey

E.N.V.E by Rachel Bailey is a chic fashion forward, Resort Wear Clothing Brand from St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Originally launched in 2007 the brand is focused on creating one of a kind, sexy, yet sophisticated, structured pieces for the modern fashionista.

At .EN.V.E our mission is to turn heads, from effortless flowing silhouettes, to the use of textures, color and bold prints, the Brand combines creativity, quality and a pinch of exotic flare.

Since the re-launch of the Brand under a new name, E.N.V.E has already proven to be a huge obsession among savvy individuals who want to exude that effortless chic look.

The Brand is predominantly a womenswear line with pieces ranging from the iconic tailored pencil skirt to the elaborate intricate detailing of High fashion gowns; we also provide custom made accessories to complement our signature pieces based on client’s request.
Please send all business inquiries and orders to
Follow us on Instagram @_e.n.v.e_

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Love Your Fashion Business

Creative inspire is built on the love of one’s ability to interpret mental gifts and environmental landscapes. “Loving your Fashion Business” will get your “Reel fashON!”

2TFW 2017 is your platform.


  • CUT.AH.DASH | (colloquial)
    - used to complement or express pleasure in ones clothing.
    - looking ones best; wearing ones best clothing

    Example: "He cut ah dash lastnight in his Sunday best"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: Come wear your best clothes with us!


    DAN DAN | (colloquial)
    - an expression for ones best clothing

    Example: "Youth man dress up in he best dan-dan"

    Synonym: Sunday Best

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Translation: A fiesta of the best Caribbean clothes


    CAZAK | (colloquial)
    - A zipper (usually for a man's pants) or buttons (before zippers were made)

    Example: "Fix your cazak!"

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW Use: Cazak Frock Suspenders are the different aspects of garment pieces that can enhance how you look.

  • STONE PUSSY DRESSED | (colloquial)
    - Dressed in your best clothing

    Example: "Yuh went out last night, ah seh yuh was stone pussy dressed."

    ORIGIN: Tobago

    TFW continues to take bold steps to highlight its cultural past with fashion, encouraging fashion lovers to be “SPD Redefined.”

    TFW Use: "Are you ready to Redefine SPD?"

    In 2015, TFW was rebranded as 2TFW with a program that canvassed the country.

    SAGA PINTO | (colloquial)
    - Well-dressed male/female

    DUNGAREES (origin Hindi "dungri")
    - Blue denim, overalls made of blue denim.

    Originally used to make work clothes for miners, today, denim is found in every wardrobe, and used in clothing suited for many occasions.


    A cube wrapped in a rose represents the unchanging truth, solidity and balance that can be found in a simple silhouette.

    2TFW presents Simple Silhouettes Sell from May 14-22, 2016 at venues across Trinidad and Tobago.


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